Real-Time Strategy Games

Real-time strategy games are another sub-genre of online games. These online games basically implement wonderful graphics and sound that makes game play very realistic as well as engaging. However, you can enjoy such types of online games for free. In free real-time strategy, game play usually involves player being positioned somewhere in the map with a few units or a building that is capable of building other units/buildings. More often, players need to build specific structures to unlock more advanced units in the tech tree. Almost all the free real-time online games online require players to build and use them to defend themselves and eliminate enemies in the game.

In simple words, the game play of the free online real-time strategy games are characterized by obtaining resources, building bases, researching technologies and producing units. However, the task that you should perform for succeeding in these online games can be very demanding. While playing these games you have to cope with different challenges. The first real-time strategy game to utilize true 3D, terrain, and physics in both performance and in game-play was Total Annihilation. However, real-time strategy games like Homeworld and Warzone 2100 use fully 3D environments in real-time strategy titles. In Homeworld free real-time strategy games, the game is set in space, providing a unique exploitable 3D environment in which all units can move vertically in addition to the horizontal plane.

Real-time strategy games like Command & Conquer used isometric 3D graphics made by pre-performed 3D tiles. There are also real-time strategy games that incorporated physics such as Havok so as to increase realism experienced in game play. Some of the popular games of this genre include Age of Empire III and Company of Heroes. However, many real-time strategy games offer several multiplayer game play options and modes. Some of the most popular games of this genre include WarCraft 3 Expansion: Frozen Throne, Age of Mythology: The Titans Expansion, Rise Of Nations, Lord of Rings: War of the Ring, Empires: Dawn of the Modern World, Commandos 3: Destination Berlin and Reign of chaos.