Massively Multiplayer Games

Massively multiplayer games are video game genre, a game simultaneously played by many players around the world on the internet. These online games basically interactive in format and allows many players to interact with each other online. However, many of these massively multiplayer games are offered free to play which attracts even more players online. Playing free massively multiplayer games will a great fun. However, these free online massively multiplayer games are available with varieties of themes which cater to people with all types of interest.

There are different sub genres of massively multiplayer games. Massively multiplayer role playing games online are one of the most popular games played by the online gamers. First person shooter massively multiplayer games feature a persistent world and a huge amount of simultaneous players. These games also emphasized player skill more than player statistics. Some examples of these online games types are World War II, Planetside, Huxley, Dust 514 and Eve online. Massively multiplayer real time strategy games combine real-time strategy with a persistent world. Mankind was the first massively multiplayer online games.

Massively multiplayer online sports games are also well known amongst the online gamers who have in sports. Here gamers can compete even in some of the major league sports like football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf and many more. However, some of the well known massively multiplayer games online include Kart Rider, Unshift Strike Racer, Test Drive Unlimited, Project Torgue and Race or Die. Massively multiplayer online social games focus on socialization instead of objective-based gameplay. One example that has gained widespread media attention is Linden Labs' Second Life. Recent sub genres of these online games include There, Dotsoul, Furcadia and IMVU.

There are also massively multiplayer rhythm games online. The idea of such online games was guided by Dance Dance Revolution. However, free massively multiplayer games online management games, are easy to play and take less time. Some popular games of this category are The Sims Online, Project Rock Star and Monopoly City Streets. Well known free massively multiplayer games also include Allegiance, Astro Battle, Crossfire, Gekkeiju Online, Infantry Online, IVAO, PlaneShift, SubSpace, Terra, Urban Dead, Underlight and VATSIM.